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Top name Brand Roofing Manufacturers

We have roofing solutions at all levels of pricing. For the right solution to your home's roofing problem, it is best to consult with a our qualified roofing contractors in the Donnelly to best describe your need and provide a transparent price and installation schedule. We believe in developing a long standing relationship with our customers. This is why we are open and honest when it comes to inspecting your home's roof.

Ask us what roofing solutions are best for you, your budget, and your Donnelly home.

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Top Quality Roofing Contractor Experience

Its not easy finding a great roofing contractor in the Donnelly area. This is why Rooftops in Boise has hired and partnered with the best construction contractors in the Donnelly area. From sales to service to follow up and completion of the roofing job, Rooftops manages the entire roofing process, from start to finish.

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Roofing Warranties Available

The most common kind of roof warranty for your Donnelly home is a shingle warranty or manufacturer's warranty, which may cover you for 20 to 50 years. Certain types of roofing warranties only protect your home against defects in the roofing materials themselves, causing them to break down or fail before they should. Depending on the manufacturer, roofing warranties can vary. Be sure to ask one of the roofing experts at Rooftops ES for the proper guidance about roofing warranties.

If you are a homeowner, realtor or are buying or selling a home, you should be protected from unexpected roofing related repairs. With service repair costs escalating, a having the right manufacture warranties will provide the necessary coverage for costly repair bills. Ask Rooftops if your Donnelly home qualifies for a home roof warranty should anything go wrong when you least expect it.

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High Quality Roofing Materials

There is a vast difference in the quality of roofing materials on the market today. Price and durability are the two main topics that distinguish quality in roofing products. From our roofing experience, it is best to consult with an expert before you purchase a new roof. Depending on your objectives with the home, we line up the quality of roof materials to your budget. As always, our Donnelly roofing installation techniques are that of the highest quality in the industry.

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Best Pricing and Quality in Roofing

At Rooftops ES, every bid for a new roof or roof repair is well thought and with transparent intent. We understand that there are roofing companies out there with negative reputations because of their bad business ethics and morals. This is why we thrive on being completely transparent with our roofing customers, as we expect the same in return. What does this scenario create? A great relationship between a home owner and an expert roofing contractor.

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New Roofing In Donnelly, Idaho

We inspect and analyze all aspects of your roof to see if it needs repair or brand new roofing material. Sometimes your roof may be covered by an existing warranty or insurance.

Donnelly Roofing Repair

We understand that a problem with your roof can be very stressful. This is why we offer a free, no obligation roofing inspection to all homeowners in Donnelly.

Single Family Roofing

Single family home roofing is our specialty. We provide the highest quality roofing products and installation techniques at the lower possible prices. Every quality new roof improves the value of our customer's home.

Multi Family Roofing

If you are a property manager in Donnelly and need a roofing consultation, then Rooftops is right for you. We specialize in multi-family housing and work closely with property managers to install the highest quality roofing material and the best possible pricing.

Roofing Consultation

Our Donnelly expert roofing professionals operate clearly and with transparency. We are well trained when it comes to home energy solutions when dealing with your roof, and have the certified network of roofing suppliers manufacturers to provide the best roofing materials needed.

The Roofing Installation Process

Our company installation process is no nonsense. We first inspect your roof for leaks, material damages and poor installation. next we provide you the highest quality roofing products at the lowest possible cost. Finally, our professional Donnelly roofing contractors install your roof in a clean, efficient, and service oriented manner.

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Donnelly, Idaho

downtown Donnelly idaho

History of Donnelly, Idaho

Donnelly, Idaho is a city at the heart of rural Valley County. It is located approximately 90 miles Northeast of Boise and rests on the Northeast shore of Lake Cascade at an elevation of 4,865 feet. In early history, Donnelly was used by the Nez Perce, Shoshone and Bannock Indian tribes during the summer months but by the mid 1880's, Donnelly saw the first white settlers come to the area to utilize the fertile soil the valley had to offer for farming and ranching. They soon began to set up homesteads in this area.

At the time, the area was only accessible by foot or carriage and in the blustery winter months it was nearly impossible to make the journey with necessary supplies from Boise. By 1913, the Donnelly railroad depot became a hotspot with a regular train service schedule. Donnelly got its name from a prominent man in the railroad industry, and was officially established in 1914. Even though the latest census shows a population of only 152, there is no shortage of entertainment in Donnelly.

Sporting in Donnelley, Idaho

Surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes, several lakes and springs, Donnelly is a city that is a recreational enthusiasts dream. With such a stunning backdrop in Donnelly, visitors have countless options for outdoor activities throughout the year like hiking or biking, as well as fishing, boating, kayaking and other water sports. Even during the winter months there is plenty to do in Donnelly. There is always the option of snowboarding or cross country skiing when the first snowfall begins to accumulate.

Things to see and Places to visit in Donnelly, Idaho

If sports in the great outdoors doesn't hold your attention, there are lots of other exciting things for you to do and see while you are in Donnelly. There is a deer farm close by that you can visit and tour, as well as a museum that offers it's visitors to tour a general store with a variety of inventory, exhibits and also features a wall dedicated to local heroes who's contributions to the the area have not gone unnoticed. There are antique stores, shops and dining available in town with everything from sushi to burgers. If you prefer, you can just grab a cold beer or sit for a coffee and a slice of pie.

Special Events in Donnelly, Idaho

If you happen to be in Donnelly during the summer, we have a few things you can't miss. There is the annual yoga vacation which includes yoga, of course, as well as meditation, fireside circles, food, friendship and more. Plus, you can't miss Donnelly's very own Huckleberry Festival! There will be vendors set up to sell their goods, a parade complete with floats, the huckleberry trot race, pie eating contests and of course, HUCKLEBERRY EVERYTHING!

As you can see, there is both a rich history here and plenty of fun and exciting things to see and do to occupy your time and stay in Donnelly, Idaho. Time in Donnelly, Idaho is bound to bring countless fond memories!

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